Learn American Sign Language (ASL) with Julie, a fluent Deaf native signer of ASL.

By the Deaf,
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How inclusive is your Business?

Is Your Business Including the 12%?

12% of the US population are deaf. This is a huge market to unwittingly discourage.

Time and again, happy satisfied customers who feel an inclusive environment are highly likely to revisit as well as share the experience with their family, friends, and colleagues.

Here, Jake Norment of Caffeinated Cow signs “Good Morning” to Julie.

It’s Easier than You Think!

Julie shows your team simple acts, adjustments, and technologies that improves business relationships with your clients, customers, or colleagues.

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Knowing a few useful signs goes a long way towards forging satisfying relationships with your deaf patrons, customers, or clients.

Customer Service Consulting:

Julie evaluates your business and shows you how you can take your customer service to the next level with superior care.

Most typically this training occurs at

  • At your site of business
  • Employees learn basic signs for words that are most used frequently at your place of business. 
  • Employees practice friendliness & inclusivity to all, role-playing with Julie or under her watch.
  • Discussion of technological advances in customer service if applicable.

Employee Inclusive Training:

Are you a business or organization that has deaf employees and/or want to be inclusive of all of your employees?   Schedule a consult with Julie to evaluate improving your workplace’s accessibility.

  • Workplace Accessibility
  • Workplace Inclusivity
  • Under-employed markets

Julie advises on practical solutions to barriers in communication which can be as simple as adapting existing communication styles to rearranging practical physical space, to exploring the various technological adaptions now available.

ADA Compliance

That’s super important too.

Julie’s previous experience as business owner of The Pah Store, a retail center dedicated to products for hearing accommodation and accessibility, gives her a much deeper understanding of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, and ways to best bridge the gaps in inclusivity and accessibility in your workplace(s). 

If you should have doubts about or want to improve your place being in compliance, Julie will check you out. 

But my business is…

No worries, Julie’s experience is wide and varied—

—ranging from office workplace settings, commercial kitchens and coffee baristas, small businesses and school classrooms.

Having experienced all sides of being both employee, manager, chef, business owner, as well as Deaf, various otherwise temporary disabilities, not to mention short, she shares and demonstrates ready and practical solutions how your place can become even more welcoming and inclusive towards all customers regardless of their disabilities.

Julie Keeps Things Fun

Regardless of the situation

Julie’s non-confrontational approach, thoughtful, frank, yet peppered with sly jokes and funny stories, keeps people entertained and at ease while introducing thought-provoking new perspectives that may not have been considered before.

Schedule with Julie! You won’t regret it.

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Julie having fun with the owners of Caffeinated Cow where she hosts her Deaf Coffee Chat.